Camp Netanya

Little Santorini of Anilao, Batangas

Anilao Proper and Anilao East are two barangays in the municipality of Mabini, Batangas, the Philippines. They are located south of Manila on the large island of Luzon, at the southern end of the Calumpang Peninisula facing Maribacan Island.

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Camp Netanya Resort and Spa claims its popularity from its Santorini architecture giving rise to its brilliant blue domes and white wash buildings. Camp Netanya offers 43 guest rooms and villas, dive shop, wellness center and family-friendly facilities which everyone should enjoy.

With its strategic location in Anilao Batangas, Camp Netanya creates a perfect experience for diving and snorkeling offering everyone Anilao’s breathtaking marine life, amazing coral formation, and diversity of fishes. Thanks to its natural beauty, its layered landscape create a resort feel of being at the rim of Caldera opening to one of the most beautiful sunsets on earth.

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How to get there? + Fees

Ride a bus going to Batangas City. Ask your Bus Driver to drop you off at Batangas Grand Terminal. Ride a jeepney going to Mabini Batangas and drop off at Anilao Batangas. Ride a tricycle going to Camp Netanya Brgy Ligaya.

Travel Fare Breakdown: Buendia – Camp Netanya

Php 157 / person – Buendia to Batangas Grand Terminal
Php 35 / person – Jeepney from Terminal to Anilao
Php 120 / way – Tricycle to Camp Netanya Good for 4 persons

Camp Netanya – Buendia

Php 120/way – Tricycle from Camp Netanya to Anilao Crossing
Php 30/ person – Jeepney to Bauan
Php 8/person – Jeepney to Diversion
Php 8/person – Jeepney to Batangas Grand Terminal
Php 157 / person – Bus to Buendia

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For Day Tour:

Weekends – P1700 per guest
Weekdays – P1500 per guest

The Camp Experience

Complimentary use of Infinity Pool
Complimentary access to sea swimming
Complimentary use of water activities such as kayak and snorkeling
Complimentary use of Pool towels

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