Tagaytay, Cavite

2nd Summer Capital of the Philippines

With the summer nearing, sweat trickles more day by day, don’t mention the busy streets making the surroundings more hot and humid . A short trip to somewhere with a mild climate would be a nice go, aside from turning the air conditioner on. Baguio? Too far if from Manila. Tagaytay? Yes, yay, gora na!

Only 59 kilometers from Manila, Tagaytay in the Province of Cavite, is one of the mostly-visited places the Philippines has to offer! It is indeed more fun in the Philippines! With its outstanding sceneries perfect for one’s instagram feed and the cool climate due to its high altitude, because a scope of ice cream is never enough, Tara!

Tagaytay Higlands. Photo from www.mangotours.com.

How to get there?

Have a private vehicle? No problemo, turn the GPS on and sway your head with the music from the stereo!

Of course, there are other ways around!

Public transport should never be feared. From the Cubao Terminal:

  1. Look for a bus which goes to Laguna, I forgot the specific placard, asking is not a crime! (When we were in Cubao and asking for a bus which goes straight to Tagaytay, they instructed us to go to the Pasay Terminal but we didn’t have much time so we looked for an alternative.)
  2. Ask the conductor if the road to Tagaytay is in line with the path the bus is to take on.
  3. It will drop you off somewhere with jeeps which goes straight to Tagaytay market!

Transport Fee: Around P100-P200

Above aren’t applicable? Visit Backpacking Philippines for more directions!

Where to stay?

There are many places to stay if you know where to look! In our weekend stay there, we booked in D-Zone Backpackers Inn, it’s good for groups and such. The place was just right for the amount paid for the stay, though some heaters didn’t work, other bath rooms do have.

However, there are many other resorts, lodges, inns and transients you can stay for your trip depending on your budget. Why not visit Trip Advisor for more?

Where to go?

Sky Ranch

In dire need of some fun? Like other theme parks, it has rides that kids, even adults with hearts of a kid can enjoy!

Sky Ranch with the gang as part of one of my friends’ 18th celebration!

Plus it’s ferris wheel is dubbed as the tallest ferris wheel in the PH! Woah at that, explains my uncountable signs of the cross.


Taal Volcano

Aside from Taal volcano with its caldera being partially filled with the Taal lake surrounding it, it is also the 2nd most active volcano in the PH with 33 recorded eruptions!

Taal view from Sky Ranch.

But who said you can’t come near it? Along the way to Tagaytay, people with placards saying “Boat ride to Taal” can be seen.

Picnic Grove

The name speaks for itself! It is a good place for picnic baskets and family hangouts, with the marvelous scenery of Taal Volcano.

Picnic Grove. Photo from indangbeauty.files.wordpress.com

It has ziplines, horse-back riding, and houses souvenir stalls.

Not enough! Not enough!

Visit Pinoy Adventurista for more!


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